Security Deposits

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Security Deposit Refunds - Suntree Stage 6


To obtain your security deposit, a final inspection is done to ensure compliance with the architectural guidelines and to check for any damages to municipal improvements. Upon completion of house construction and landscaping, the following items must be completed prior to a request for a final inspection:


  • Home construction is in compliance with the architectural guidelines and the approved plan.
  • Construction is complete, including seasonal work on exterior. Site cleared of all debris, sidewalks and curbs cleaned, and cc exposed and marked. 
  • Landscaping completed in accordance with the minimum requirements as set out in the guidelines.
  • A Lot Grading Certificate is obtained. To do so, contact Northlands Surveys at 780-448-4919.   
  • Have the City of Leduc stamp and certify the Lot Grading Certificate.
  • Email the Lot Grading Certificate to Maclab Development Group: 
  • Within four to six weeks an inspection on the landscaping and architectural guidelines will be completed.
  • Once the inspection is deemed compliant the security deposit will be released to the builder.


*Due to the length of time that has elapsed, Suntree Lot Security Deposits from previous stages will no longer be reviewed.